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Finding The Fun In Getting Braces

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While you probably love your child’s smile, there may come a time when he/she will need to have braces. Even the smallest misalignment can cause a lot of trouble down the road, including headaches, trouble chewing or even just social embarrassment over a less-than-perfect grin. So when the dentist says it’s time for braces, you may know it’s for the best for child dental care, but your child may not see things so clearly. Read More»

3 Ways To Reduce Hand Pain Associated With Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Many individuals with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) deal with hand pain, and the joints of the hands are particularly susceptible to pain, since they have so little support. Carpal tunnel syndrome is also quite common in RA sufferers. When RA causes the irritation and swelling of synovial membranes around tendons located in the carpal tunnel, it may result in carpal tunnel, especially in individuals who engage in any type of repetitive finger or wrist motion. Read More»

Planning & Preparing for Breast Augmentation Recovery

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You’re ready to get breast implants. You did your research, selected your surgeon, had your consultation, and your surgery date is set. But your work isn’t finished. Successful breast augmentation doesn’t end with surgery. A truly successful breast augmentation also involves a smooth recovery process. So how do you achieve that? Arrange child and pet care You aren’t going to be able to lift your kids or get them dinner or do their laundry for the first few days. Read More»