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How CBD Can Help You Get A Good Night's Sleep

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You might have noticed more and more retailers that specialize in CBD products. The sale of these products has skyrocketed in recent years in the United States and is projected to grow even further in the years to come. You’ve probably heard that CBD is one of the components found in marijuana, and if you’re not a marijuana fan, you might have thought that CBD products aren’t for you. CBD doesn’t work in the same way as marijuana consumed on its own, meaning it can be enjoyed perfectly safely. Read More»

Important Pieces Of Information Collected After A Patient Experiences A Strangulation Event

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Strangulation is often deemed as one of the most violent physical attacks on another person. When an individual is strangled, pressure is applied to either the carotid artery or jugular vein in the neck, which cuts off oxygen and blood flow to the vital organs in the brain. Any time a patient enters a medical care facility or emergency room with strangulation injuries, the medical professionals are required to create an in-depth strangulation chart as part of a review of the situation. Read More»

Worried About Eye Surgery? Here Are Some FAQs To Calm Your Fears

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Are you considering LASIK surgery or are in need of some other type of ocular surgery? Having surgery performed in a delicate area, like the eyes, often brings on apprehension. Here are some FAQs that can help ease your worries and give you a better understanding of the surgical procedure for the eyes. How Is Ocular Surgery Done? A specially trained eye surgeon performs the procedure in this fragile area. Lasers are used in surgical procedures, and the exact details of how the procedure is done depend on the type of surgery. Read More»

Important Steps For Opioid Addiction Treatment

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Individuals who have developed a dependence on opioid medication often begin with prescription pain medications, prescribed to them after a surgery, dental work, or an injury. In many cases, they become more dependent on the medication than anyone ever assumed would happen, and before they realize it they have an addiction. If you’re attempting to fight an opioid addiction, there are several important steps to work through:  Make the Choice to Quit Read More»