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Worried About Eye Surgery? Here Are Some FAQs To Calm Your Fears

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Are you considering LASIK surgery or are in need of some other type of ocular surgery? Having surgery performed in a delicate area, like the eyes, often brings on apprehension. Here are some FAQs that can help ease your worries and give you a better understanding of the surgical procedure for the eyes.

How Is Ocular Surgery Done?

A specially trained eye surgeon performs the procedure in this fragile area. Lasers are used in surgical procedures, and the exact details of how the procedure is done depend on the type of surgery. There are several different types of ocular surgery. Your eye surgeon can answer any questions you have about what to expect and what he or she will do during the procedure.

How Long Is Recovery Time?

The time it takes to recover depends on the patient and other factors. However, most eye surgery patients see clearly within a couple of days. Clear vision can take up to a week for some patients. Some patients might have issues with vision post-op, like fluctuations in vision or blurriness, and this can go on for a few weeks.

Your surgeon can explain what to expect and when you should call with questions or follow-ups.

Is The Procedure Painful?

Eye surgeons take steps before the procedure to ensure you feel no pain, like using numbing drops. In most cases, you are awake during the surgery but notice only some pressure. In doing so, you are awake and able to interact with the surgeon if needed. This also eliminates any risks that may occur with being put to sleep, known as general anesthesia.

How Long Does Surgery Take? 

This depends on the type of ocular surgery. However, most are done fairly quickly. For example, LASIK surgery usually takes just a few minutes per eye to perform. Your surgeon can give you a time frame for your procedure. In most cases, plan on being in the office for up to two hours on the day of surgery.

Having good eyesight is important, and with the advance of laser technology, most corrective eye procedures are quick and painless. However, the procedure does require a skilled surgeon to offer the best care before, during, and after any type of ocular surgery.

The outcome is worth it! You'll have improved vision and be able to go out and enjoy life. And in some cases, without the hassle of contacts or glasses. Call an eye surgeon to make an appointment.