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Important Steps For Opioid Addiction Treatment

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Individuals who have developed a dependence on opioid medication often begin with prescription pain medications, prescribed to them after a surgery, dental work, or an injury. In many cases, they become more dependent on the medication than anyone ever assumed would happen, and before they realize it they have an addiction. If you're attempting to fight an opioid addiction, there are several important steps to work through: 

Make the Choice to Quit

The first step in seeking opioid addiction treatment is to make the decision to quit. It's important to make a decision to quit for good, even if you don't have each step of the plan to do so worked out just yet. All you really need to get started with treatment is a firm desire to quit and some specific support, so that you can begin to live differently. 

Talk to Your Family Doctor

Your family doctor, nurse practitioner, or psychiatrist will likely have details to help you find a professional opioid addiction treatment center. Even if you initially received a prescription for medication from a family doctor after surgery, they can still help you find the professional treatment that you need to fight a drug addiction. They may actually be able to get you admitted to the program more quickly than if you try to get in on your own, by calling with a professional referral. 

Reach Out for the Support You Need 

Support will be a vital part of working through addiction treatment.  You'll receive professional support from the addiction treatment center. You'll also be able to reach out to family members, friends, and loved ones as you work to discontinue your habit. In some situations, your employer may also offer additional assistance through an Employee Assistance Program to help you fight your addiction, providing important resources to help you through the process. 

Individuals who are dealing with an addiction to opioid pain medications often find that with professional addiction treatment, they can become less dependent on the medication. It's then easier to return to their normal neighborhoods, jobs, and routines, without the anxiety that they'll slip back in to using their drug of choice. Medically managed treatment facilitates help these patients detox safely and effectively using prescription medications, therapy, and a carefully monitored program. Individuals that are struggling with addiction can contact a local treatment center to learn more about how to break free from addiction, today.