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Custom Private Label Herbal Weight Loss Supplements For Personal Trainers

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If you are a personal trainer and you focus on helping people lose weight, you may be asked repeatedly by your clients about the use of weight loss supplements. While focusing on losing weight by exercising and eating properly is the best way to achieve success, taking weight loss supplements can be beneficial in assisting the body in losing weight and recovering after hard workouts. However, with so many weight loss supplements on the market, there is only one way to ensure that your clients are taking herbal weight loss supplements that will benefit them not harm them — provide them with private label herbal weight loss supplements that are customized by you. Here's how. 

Supplements Formulated By You

Private label herbal weight loss supplements can be formulated by you and manufactured, packaged, and labeled according to your customizations. You can provide the manufacturer with a list of the herbs, vitamins, and other ingredients that you would like to have in the supplements that you develop for your clients. You can also determine which ingredients you do not want to include in the formulations. The manufacturer will take the lists you give them to develop a formulation that you can sell to your clients under your own private label or as part of a training package. 

Labels Designed By You

You can design the labels for the bottles of the supplements. Since you have a business as a personal trainer, it's a good idea to use your name or the name of your personal trainer business on the labels for the supplements. That way, the supplement bottles are easily identified as being your brand. Be sure you place your contact information and reordering information directly on the bottle so your clients can easily reorder at any time even after they have completed the personal training regimen and are no longer using you as their personal trainer. 

If you will offer several different types of formulations for weight loss, such as ketogenic and fat burners, you'll want to be sure the labels for each type are noticeably different yet undeniably the same brand name custom label. Even if you start out with one formulation for your clients and plan on offering more variations at some point in the future, keep this idea in mind so you won't have the change the labels or packaging in the future. That way, you can roll out additional supplements with ease. 

For more information on custom private label herbal weight loss supplements, contact a company near you.