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Why Do People Choose Midwives For Maternity Care?

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If you are pregnant, you may be starting to think about your labor and delivery and how you want those events to occur. A big part of this is deciding on the practitioners you want to work with throughout your pregnancy and during the birth. While seeing an OBGYN has long been the norm in the U.S., more and more people are deciding to work with a midwife instead. Is working with a midwife the right choice for you? Learning some of the reasons other people choose midwives may help you decide.

They give you more control over your birth plan.

Giving birth in a hospital under the observation of an OBGYN and their team is an approach that works for some people. However, to others, this feels like giving up control. If you want to have more control over your own birth process — the position you give birth in, which medications are used, and so forth — then working with a midwife is often a better approach. While a midwife will guide you in making decisions that ensure your own health and that of your own baby, they do this in a gentle way that keeps you in control. 

They aim to avoid C-sections.

Sometimes a C-section is necessary. Other times, you may question whether it was the right decision. Those who really want to avoid a C-section unless it is absolutely essential often work with midwives. Trained midwives know the signs that they need to refer you to the hospital for a C-section, but they really will do everything they can to help you have a natural birth if that's possible and safe.

They get to know you better during pregnancy.

Giving birth can be scary, especially the first time around. Having someone there who knows you, is on your team, and knows how to comfort you can be so rewarding. Midwives work closely with you throughout your pregnancy so that by the time you give birth, you know each other very well. During the birth process, having a midwife there feels like having a good friend there — but that good friend is also professionally trained to make sure everything happens as safely as possible.

If you think working with a midwife might be right for you, schedule a consultation with one. You can always see how it goes, ask a few questions, and go from there.