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Tips For Adjusting To New Hearing Aids

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If you've been having problems with your hearing for a long time, and are finally getting hearing aids, then you may feel that adjusting to them is difficult. While adjusting to hearing aids is often compared to adjusting to new glasses, it's actually quite different. With glasses, you usually see more clearly right away, but hearing aids take a little more time to adjust. After all, your brain has adapted to your hearing loss and needs to "relearn" how to hear properly again. Here are some tips to adjusting to your new hearing aids so that you don't feel overwhelmed or that they aren't for you.

Take Things Slowly

Depending on how long and how severe your hearing loss is, it may be overwhelming to wear your hearing aids all day long at first. When you first put them in try wearing them for a few hours, then let your ears rest.

Wear Them Everyday

Make sure you wear your hearing aids everyday even if you can't tolerate them in your ear all day long. If you don't do so, you will have difficulty getting your brain to adjust to them.

Practice With New Situations

At first, try your hearing aids out in a quiet room so that you can adjust to hearing subtle sounds. After a while, try them out with different situations such as a crowded room, on the phone, or a conversation in a quiet room. You may feel that you experience odd sensations, such as an echo, but these should improve as time goes on.

Don't Self-Adjust Too Often

While you may think that certain sounds, such as your own voice, seem extremely loud with the hearing aids inserted, resist the urge to adjust the volume, especially at first. When you're constantly changing the volume or making other adjustments, then it makes adapting to your hearing aids more difficult.

See Your Hearing Specialist

If, after a while, you still feel that your hearing aids are not working like they should, then see your hearing specialist. Your devices will be examined to make sure that they are working properly and are properly adjusted. Your hearing specialist can also help you adapt to some of the new sensations that you might be experiencing.

Overall, maintain a positive attitude and don't give up on using your new hearing aids. It takes time and practice to adjust to them and your hearing and comfort should improve if you stick with them. If you are experiencing hearing loss and you would like to try to wear hearing aids, then see a hearing aid specialist, such as at County Hearing And Balance, for an examination and fitting.