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Three Ways Breast Reconstructive Surgery Can Boost Your Ego After Beating Cancer

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Going through cancer is an incredible struggle and one that you should feel proud for getting through. It can be hard for women to lose breast tissue in the fight to beat cancer, but if it was necessary to save your life, it was well worth it. If you've been struggling with your new appearance since then, you should consider doing something about it. Here are three ways that going for breast reconstruction surgery can get you feeling like yourself again.

Romantic Relationship

If you're currently in a romantic relationship, chances are things have been difficult for the two of you since your surgery. Most people who go through cancer experience significant emotional effects after surviving, and if you've lost a part of yourself physically in the process, that only becomes worse.

While your partner may not care that your appearance has changed, you're probably bothered by it. This can create a rift between partners, as you might resist being romantic because you're embarrassed by your appearance, which can make your partner end up feeling unwanted. Getting surgery to restore what you've lost can help you to feel confident in your appearance and femininity again and can help to prevent this problem from developing between you.


When you came home and fully recovered from surgery, it was probably strange to see how your clothes fit now. Whether you were fashionable and enjoyed fitted, sculpted clothes before or not, women grow accustomed to their shape looking a certain way. Having your clothes fit awkwardly afterwards because your shape has changed can leave you feeling self-conscious or make you feel like you should give up on trying to appear pretty.

When you get breast reconstruction surgery, the aim isn't to give you something new: it's to restore what you've lost. Try to not think of it as a self-indulgent thing, but rather, just fully restoring you to where you were before cancer.


Finally, if you're a mother, there's more to losing part of your breast tissue than simply feeling less attractive. Breastfeeding is an important part of having a child for most mothers, and you may feel like you've lost what was part of your mother and child bond. Getting reconstructive surgery can help you to feel like you've had that part of you restored and less like you've lost a form of connection with your child.

Now that your work is complete in beating cancer, it's time to think about getting back to where you were before it. For most people, that means getting their social life back, going to work, and resuming their social relationships. However, if you've literally had a part of your body removed, getting that repaired should be a part of it, too. Consult with a reconstructive surgeon to find out how you can move past your surgical loss and restore your original appearance.