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Storing Your Eyeglass Or Sunglasses

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If you frequently find yourself running around the house on a search for your eyeglasses or sunglasses, consider finding an attractive and functional storage solution that will ensure that you'll always have a pair of reading glasses or sunglasses close at hand.

Single Pair Storage

People with prescription lenses likely only have two pairs of glasses -- prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses -- because they can be very expensive. Store those glasses when they're not in use in a special spot. Purchase a sculpture designed for eyeglass storage, consider using a mannequin head that can wear your glasses when you're not, or try to purchase an eyeglass display stand from a local glasses shop. 

Towel Bar

If you have a collection of sunglasses or reading glasses, display them like they would in a boutique by hanging a small towel bar in your bedroom or reading nook to store your reading glasses, or by your front door for your collection of sunglasses. Simply drape one arm of each pair of glasses over the towel bar, and you have a fun and funky storage solution.


Take a large wooden hanger, paint it in a color that matches the room where you'll hang it, tie a complementary ribbon around the neck, and hang the hanger on a nail hammered into the wall where you want to store your glasses. Then just like you did with the towel bar, drape one arm of each pair of glasses over the lower rung of the hanger. 


Find an ornate frame that would look nice in the room where you want to store your glasses. Paint it in a color that complements the room. Next, take lengths of floral wire and string them from one side of the frame to the other. You can secure them to each side of the frame using small nails. Simply hammer a nail into both sides of the back of the frame and wrap the wire around the nail. Once you have a couple lengths of wire strung across the frame, you can drape one arm of each pair of glasses or sunglasses over the wire. An alternative to the floral wire is chicken wire. Fill the entire frame with a square of chicken wire and secure it to the back of the frame using small nails or strong glue. To store your glasses, put one arm of each pair through a square in the chicken wire.

Breakfast Tray

Hunt a local thrift store or garage sale for a breakfast tray that you like. Update it by spray painting it a new color or gluing a pretty piece of fabric to its base. Place it on your dresser and you have the perfect landing spot for your collection of glasses. 

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