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Tips For Making Appropriate Family Planning Decisions

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When you feel like you are ready to start a family there are many factors you should consider before trying. Making better family planning decisions now can make starting a family and having subsequent children a little easier.

Planning Your First Baby

Many couples are over the moon when they think about becoming first-time parents, but there are a few aspects to consider, such as timing. First and foremost, you should arrive at the decision when you feel like you are ready to start a family at any time, even if it does not happen immediately. Some couples without fertility problems may not become pregnant on the first try. Successful conception may take several months or even a year. If you have a stringent timeline for conception, you may need to reconsider if starting your family now is the right option. You should also be mentally prepared for having multiples. Although twins or triplets are uncommon without the use of fertility medications, having your expenses double or triple overnight can be quite a surprise.

Timing Of Subsequent Children

Timing can be a critical aspect when you consider your overall family planning goals. If you plan to have more than one child, you will need to consider the timing of subsequent children. For some people, it is ideal to have their children four or five years apart. Part of their rationale is they do not want to have more than one child in high school or college at a time. This may be important in your family planning decisions when you consider the expense of both high school and college. At minimum, many parents do not want to have their children too close together where both are in diapers at the same time.

Birth Control After Baby

The old train of thought was if you breastfeed, you cannot become pregnant. This is not always true and some women had unplanned pregnancies shortly after having their previous child. No matter the feeding method you choose for your child (formula vs. breastfeeding), you need to select a birth control method until you are ready for subsequent children. The acceptable birth control options will change depending on your feeding method.

If you are using formula, you may choose birth control pills containing estrogen, assuming you do not have any risk factors that preclude you from using estrogen. For breastfeeding moms, you are limited to progestin-only forms of birth control. Fortunately, there are many options available, such as pills, implants, shots, or an IUD. As a new, busy mother, you should make your decision based on how each method fits into your life. Many women select the shot, implants, or the IUD, simply because they are concerned they will forget to take their pills.

Family planning is more than birth control to prevent pregnancy, it includes making the decision to have children, how many, and the timing of each step. Thinking logically about your family planning can make starting or expanding your family less overwhelming. 

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