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What Treatments Are Used By Chiropractors For Muscle Strains?

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Muscle strains are the result of a small tear in the muscle that occurs when the muscle is pulled or twisted. Muscle strains often occur in the back, legs or arms when lifting large items, participating in physically strenuous sports or by forgetting to warm up and stretch before exercising. Regardless of how the muscle strain happens, there is normally stiffness, swelling and substantial pain in the muscle and the area surrounding it. Fortunately, a chiropractor can usually treat muscle strains successfully. These are some of the types of chiropractic treatments that are commonly used for muscle strains.

Trigger Point Therapy 

Trigger point therapy is a process in which the chiropractor applies pressure to the sprained muscle area and massages it for short periods of time. This helps relieve tension and pain and helps relax the muscle. The chiropractor releases the pressure and then repeats it again several times during each session.

TENS Unit Therapy 

A Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS unit is used by applying electrically powered node to the muscle strain. This treatment helps stimulate nerves in the muscle and increases the production of natural endorphins. TENS unit therapy works very well at relieving pain and helping to improve mobility of strained muscles.

Ice Therapy 

Ice therapy is another common treatment used by chiropractors for muscle strains. This is done by placing ice packs on the affected area and allowing it to remain there for several minutes. Ice therapy constricts the flow of blood to the muscles. This helps reduce swelling and relieve pain as well.

Hydromassage Therapy 

Some chiropractors also offer hydromassage therapy as a treatment for muscle strains. This is done by having the patient lie down on a special table that directs warm water jets to the affected area. This type of therapy helps relieve pain, relax the muscles and aid in healing the strained muscle. 

Ultrasound Therapy 

Ultrasound therapy is a new treatment that is now performed by many chiropractors for relieving muscle strains. This involves using sound waves that are transmitted to the muscles and surrounding tissues.

This helps increase circulation in the muscle, reduce inflammation and relaxes the muscle and the tissues around it. Ultrasound therapy also stimulates cell activity which encourages the healing of the strain.

It is not uncommon for a chiropractor, like Citrus Chiropractic Group, to use more than one type of treatment to treat a muscle strain during each session. For instance, you may be treated with trigger point therapy, ice therapy and ultrasound therapy during the same visit to help speed up the healing process.