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Does Your Child Have Vision Problems? 4 Tips To Help Strengthen Their Eyes

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If you suspect that your child has vision problems, the first thing you should do is schedule an appointment with an optometrist. Vision problems can interfere with your child's development and their education. In addition to the treatment your child will receive from the optometrist, here are four steps you can take to strengthen your child's eyes.

Change Their Focus

Focus practice can help your child strengthen their eyes by rapidly changing their focal points. Have your child stand about five feet away from a wall. Hang a picture on the wall in front of them. Have your child hold a pencil in front of their face. Now, have your child take turns looking at the pencil and then looking up at the picture. Whenever your child looks at the picture, have them tell you one thing they saw when they looked up. Continue having them change their focal point several times. Repeat the exercise at least once a day.

Practice Object Tracking

Playing catch is a great way to help your child learn to track objects with their eyes. This is particularly important when they're reading. Go outside and toss a ball back and forth to your child. For best results, use different sized balls each time you play. This will help your child learn to track different sizes with their eyes.

Invisible Writing

Invisible writing is another simple way to help your child exercise their eye muscles. With this exercise, your child will use their eyes only to spell out words. Have them sit down with their feet firmly on the floor. Give your child a word and have them write it out with their eyes. Make sure they don't move their head or body while spelling the word. Repeat this exercise at least once a day.

Relax Away the Fatigue

If your child's eyes are easily fatigued, you should have them practice relaxation techniques. Relaxation techniques are useful when your child's eyes get tired during schoolwork. Have your Place their elbows on the table with their hands open towards their face. Have them close their eyes and rest their eyes in the palms of their hands. They should hold that position for several seconds. Have them repeat the exercise whenever their eyes become fatigued.

If your child is having difficulty with their vision, you should schedule an appointment with their optometrist, or a professional like Absolute Vision Care, as soon as possible. In addition, the simple tips provided here will help strengthen your child's eyes.