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Dental Implants And An Overdenture Could Be The Solution For Your Missing Teeth

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No matter what the reason, if you are missing some of the permanent teeth in your lower jaw, eating normally can be difficult. In addition, depending on which teeth are missing, you may also have difficulties properly pronouncing certain letters and words. In the past, people would be fitted for false teeth that would sit on their gums, attached to a couple of teeth. Then, with new dental technology, some people had titanium rods inserted into their jaw and false teeth permanently attached to them. Both types of false teeth are still available and used today. However, now there is an option for having a combination of the two which many consider to be better. Here is some information on the benefits of dental implants with an overdenture.

Keeping Your Jawbone Strong

The human jaw bone requires stimulation in order to remain strong. If you still have some of your natural teeth remaining, having a partial bridge to replace the missing teeth will not keep the bone stimulated in that area. This will cause the bone to disintegrate and crumble. The natural teeth that are still in your jaw will no longer have enough bone for support and will start falling out. An implant will stop this problem.

More Secure and Comfortable than Regular Dentures

Regular dentures can fall out when sneezing, coughing, or biting into something. In addition, tiny food particles can get caught between the false teeth and the gums as the dentures move a bit while chewing, causing pain. When you have the overdenture firmly attached to the implant, it will not come out until you are ready to remove it. The way the overdentures are made to fit into your mouth when attached to the implant keeps small bits of food from slipping underneath as you chew.

Easier Requirements and Care than Full Implants

Some people do not have enough good bone left to have a set of regular implants. Finding enough strong bone for two implants is easier than finding enough for four or even six implants. In addition, having only two implants is more comfortable, especially when there is already some bone loss. Being able to take the teeth out for cleaning is another advantage to overdentures. You can see where there may be a stain or if something is caught between two teeth and resolve the issue.

Of course, as long as your jaw bone is in good condition, you could go with regular implants that are permanently attached to the rods, but they are more expensive than the overdenture and not all insurance policies will cover the cost. To learn more contact a clinic, like Bellingham Denture Clinic.