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4 Ways To Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) makes it hard to perform everyday activities. It is a condition that affects your arms and hands that is caused by a pinched nerve. Common symptoms may include weakness, tingling and numbness. Here are three ways to treat CTS.

Wrist Splints

Wrist splinting is one of the ways to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. This device is usually worn at night to alleviate symptoms. The splint holds your wrist still while sleeping. 

Endoscopic And Open Surgery 

Survey is the most appropriate treatment for severe cases of carpal tunnel syndrome. The two types of surgical techniques are open and endoscopic. Endoscopic surgery uses a telescopic device with a camera. The device is used to look at the inside of your wrist without using a large incision. Endoscopic surgery is done using small incisions.

The purpose is to cut the transverse carpal ligament. This releases pressure on your median nerve. After releasing pressure, you should not feel anymore symptoms.

Surgeons use large incisions when doing open surgery. They cut into the palm of your hand to get to your ligament. Your surgeon cuts through the ligament to release the nerve. After going through the healing process, your ligament grows back together. This results in more room for your nerves. 

Cortisone Injections

Cortisone injections are another way to treat CTS symptoms. This treatment can reduce swelling, pain and inflammation. However, cortisone injections are temporary. 

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy includes a variety of treatments. Gliding exercises use repetitive exercises to move your fingers. This therapy helps your nerves and tendons to move smoothly through the carpal tunnel. Gliding exercises are more effective when used with a wrist splint.

Ultrasound treatment is another treatment used in physical therapy. It works by sending signals into your carpal tunnel. This treatment reduces numbness and pain. It also improves hand coordination.

Hand traction devices are used to help with avoiding surgery. It is a device that is placed over your hand. This device works by applying force to the front and back of your hand. It is used during therapy and your therapist can give you exercises to do at home. Physically therapy can provide you with immediate results

If you are experiencing CTS symptoms, then you should schedule a doctor's appointment for a diagnosis. This information helps with deciding on a carpal tunnel syndrome treatment. It is possible to regain use of your hands under the care of a physician like Hand Rehabilitation Specialists.