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How To Personalize Your Cane

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A cane can be a difficult item to accept that you need, because it means that you are having a  hard time walking around and taking care of yourself. However, canes can be extremely helpful pieces of equipment that allow you to regain your mobility. One way to make it easier to accept your cane is to ask a professional medical supply company like Pro-Med Equipment & Supply to customize your cane to accommodate aspects like your height. However, you can also do your own customizations to personalize your cane. Here are some ideas that you can use to personalize your cane and make it your own.

1. Make it Sparkle

One way to make your cane your own is to make it sparkle through the use of rhinestones, self-adhesive glitter sheets, or loose glitter. If you choose to use rhinestones, you will need to purchase a hot glue gun and all of the rhinestones that you could possibly want. Work from one area of the cane and slowly spread out so that you don't knock off any previously applied rhinestones before they are dry. Smaller rhinestones will attach to the curves of the cane more effectively.

You could also purchase sheets of paper where glitter has already been evenly applied and stick those to your cane. These sheets can be found online or at craft stores.

Finally, you can spray an area of your cane with spray-on glue, dip it in a pan of loose glitter, shake off any extra glitter, and let that area dry. Continue doing this until your entire cane is covered in glitter.

2. Add Stickers

There are tons of different stickers that are now available online that have images of beloved TV characters, favorite movie quotes, and famous artwork. Take advantage of the large selection of stickers that are available and purchase some to go on your cane. You can even layer them so that you have a can that appears to be all stickers. People will be more interested in looking at all of the nifty images that you have on your cane and will make you feel more at home with your cane.

3. Wrap it in Wrapping Paper

There are tons of different holidays that have special wrapping paper. Purchase wrapping paper that goes with every holiday and wrap your cane it when it is seasonally appropriate. This will give your cane a festive look and allow you to partake directly in the festivities of every holiday. Go online to look for uncommon holidays, such as national Talk Like a Pirate Day, which is September 19th, and commit to celebrating the ones that resonate with you.