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Tips For Choosing A Knee Scooter After Foot Surgery

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If foot surgery is in your near future, you should pick out a good knee scooter now so you can get used to using it. Knee scooters have become a very popular replacement for crutches since they are safer and easier to use. They come in a variety of styles and prices, but there are a few basics you should look for when choosing the best knee scooter for you. Here are some things to consider.


If you plan to spend your entire recovery period at home, then a scooter with a narrow base and small tires may be sufficient. However, if you will use your scooter outdoors, you want to buy one that will be easy to maneuver over grass, sand, gravel, and pavement. These all-terrain scooters have larger tires that grip the ground. The base is usually wider too, so you have better stability. To be secure and comfortable on your scooter, it must be rated for your weight and be the proper height. If possible, choose one that has an adjustable knee seat and handlebar, so you can maintain comfort and stability in all conditions.

Braking Mechanism

Ideally, your knee scooter should have hand brakes. That way you can instantly stop your scooter if you lose your balance or need to keep it from rolling out from under you when you stop for a moment. At the very least, the scooter needs brakes you can set when you get off it. That way, the scooter will stay in place while you get positioned on it again. You'll want to set the brake before you go to bed or rest in your recliner. If you don't, the scooter may roll away from you when you try to climb on and cause you to fall.

Basket Attachment

Be sure to get a knee scooter with a basket attachment, because you'll need to keep your hands on the bar while the scooter is moving. When you have a basket, you can carry things with you without having to use your hands. This may be what it takes to allow you to go back to work and be able to do your job even though your foot is still healing. With a basket, you'll be able to go shopping, clean your home, and do many of your usual activities that would otherwise be impossible when you can't utilize your hands.


The appearance of your knee scooter may not matter a whole lot to you. You may care more about how well it functions and how much it costs. However, if you need to buy a scooter for a teen or young adult, they may be embarrassed by something that looks like it was designed for an older person. Fortunately, knee scooters come in different styles and colors. You'll be able to find one that has a sporty appearance in a bright color that is suitable even for a picky teen.

Since there are many options on the market, you should take time to examine them all, so you can find one that's best for you. In the end, you want one that is comfortable and safe, so you'll use it every day and stay mobile while you heal. Check out companies like KneeRover to get started.