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How To Reduce Labor Pains

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Labor is a painful experience, but it is often more painful if you do not know what to do to help reduce your pain. There are several medications that your doctor can give you, but there are also natural ways in which you can help yourself get through labor. A few of these will be looked at below.

Clear Your Bowels

A buildup of toxins and other waste material in your bowels, along with pressure from the baby, will put additional strain on your colon. This can increase the intensity of labor pains. If possible, you should get your colon cleaned very early in your pregnancy.

Exercise Moderately During Pregnancy

Exercises such as walking, running and light aerobics can be done at least three times per week if you are having a healthy pregnancy. When you exercise, your body produces endorphins, which are natural painkillers. If your body becomes accustomed to producing them, it will continue to do so during labor. Always consult your doctor about your exercise regimen during pregnancy, even if you had been exercising regularly before.  

Avoid Induced Labor

If it is not absolutely necessary for the health of your baby, then avoid having labor being brought on by medication. Sometimes, if the baby still shows no signs of coming after your due date, you may become anxious and be tempted to ask your doctor about this option. However, labor that is brought on by medication tends to be more painful, it is better to wait for nature to take its course.

Eat And Drink Lightly During Labor

While you may not feel like eating a lot when you are in labor, you will definitely need to eat moderately and you will also need to stay as hydrated as possible. Fasting during labor makes the pain more intense, since depleted energy will cause your uterus not to function normally. Try eating light foods such as soup, as well as vegetables and fruits. Drink water that is alkaline and enhanced with electrolytes to keep your nutritional level at its peak.

Change Positions Frequently During Labor

It is normal to want to stay on your back during labor. However, changing position frequently will help to reduce the pressure on your back and reduce your pain, especially if the baby is pressing down on sensitive nerves and vertebrae. Lying on your back for too long will compress your blood vessels and cause you to feel more pain.

Learning all you can about labor is the best way to ensure that you go through it smoothly. Having a plan of action for the inevitable pains that go along with labor will help you to have peace of mind through the whole labor and childbirth process. If you want a midwife for your labor and delivery, visit Women's Healthcare Associates LLC.