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Two Recipes For Creating Your Own Eyeglasses Cleaner

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Cleaning the lenses of your eyeglasses is an important part of taking care of them. If you are searching for a natural cleaning solution, either to cut down on costs or to try more natural ways cleaning, then making your own lens cleaner is the perfect solution. Two recipes you can try are outlined below.

Dishwashing Liquid And Water

Get a small bowl and fill it halfway with some warm water, then add a few drops of your favorite dishwashing liquid. You can use a spoon to mix the water and the soap together. Hold on to the arms of the eyeglasses and use gentle swirling motions to run the lenses through the soapy water. Swirling the lens through the water will get rid of any abrasive material that might be stuck on the lens. When you are satisfied that the lens is clean enough, get a soft cloth or a piece of cotton and gently wipe off each lens.

Use A Rubbing Alcohol Mixture

Get a spray bottle, fill it up half way with some rubbing alcohol. Add some dishwashing liquid to the mixture and then fill up the bottle with water. Shake it up gently until bubbles are created. Spray each lens with the cleaning solution and then rub it clean with a soft cloth or some cotton.

Tips For Giving The Lens Of Your Eyeglasses The Best Clean

  1. Always use a soft cloth or 100% cotton to clean the lenses of your eyeglasses.
  2. Avoid using paper towels or newspaper to clean the lenses of your eyeglasses since these are too abrasive.
  3. Do not clean the lenses of your glasses with cloth that has been cleaned with fabric softener. These cloths will often contain a residue which will end up on the lenses of your eyeglasses. Fabric softener smudging on the lenses of eyeglasses tend to be difficult to remove, and this can cause you to apply undue pressure to the lenses in order to clean them, which may result in you cracking the lenses.

Cleaning the lens of your eyeglasses need not be expensive, as there are several affordable materials that you can buy to create your own lens cleaner. Creating your own cleaner gives you the added benefit of being able to have a cleaning mixture available on demand. If you want cleaner that is specific to your brand of eyeglasses, you may want to talk with an optometrist, like Webster Eye Care Associates, to see what cleaning solutions will work best.