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Planning & Preparing for Breast Augmentation Recovery

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You're ready to get breast implants. You did your research, selected your surgeon, had your consultation, and your surgery date is set. But your work isn't finished. Successful breast augmentation doesn't end with surgery. A truly successful breast augmentation also involves a smooth recovery process. So how do you achieve that?

Arrange child and pet care

You aren't going to be able to lift your kids or get them dinner or do their laundry for the first few days. In fact, you need a few days off from chores in general. Make sure you have someone lined up to do that for you. Same for pets. Make sure someone can walk or dog or feed your cat. Whatever chores you normally do, have someone else who can do them while you recover.

Clean Your Room

You're probably going to be hanging out in your bedroom for at least a few days, so you want it to be mess-free and serene. You won't relax well if all you see are chores that need to be done. Get rid of the laundry baskets of clothes, dust the furniture, vacuum the floors, and pick up the clutter. You'll feel better if you can relax during your recovery, as opposed to seeing all you didn't do beforehand. 

Arrange Your Post Surgery Nightstand

You're going to want to have some items at your fingertips during recovery, quite literally. You won't be able to reach up over your head to get anything, even once you get out of bed. Make sure you have everything you need at your bedside. Some of these items include:

  • TV remote
  • lip balm
  • book
  • phone and charger
  • snacks (approved by your surgeon)
  • bottled water and bendy straws

Buy new pillows

For at least the first few days, you're going to have to remain mostly upright. This means that you will need lots of fluffy pillows propping you up. You'll want to be as comfortable as you can be, so spring for some new ones. No lumpy, misshapen pillows will be as nice as some plump new ones. 

Select a surgery day outfit

You're going to want to wear something after surgery that is easy to get on and take off. Remember that you won't be able to lift your arms over your head, so choose something with zippers or buttons. Also keep in mind that you will likely head straight for bed to sleep when you get home, so be sure it's comfortable and soft.

Get a plastic bucket for the car

It's not glamorous, but post surgery nausea can hit you anywhere and the movement of the car can be a big trigger. Be prepared to get sick. Make sure someone knows to take the bucket inside for you. You may need it once you get to bed, as well. 

Make ice packs

You're going to want to have cold compresses ready to go when you get home. They can really make a difference in the swelling during the recovery. Have at least 4 in your freezer, so you can use two while two remain in the freezer for the next round. 

Recovering comfortably from breast implant surgery just takes a little planning and preparing. These tips should help you achieve a smooth and relaxing healing process.